Gear Guide: CMIC-01 Mobile iPOD Cradle Apple iPOD 3G/4G/Photo/Color/Mini


Gear Guide: CMIC-01 Mobile iPOD Cradle Apple iPOD 3G/4G/Photo/Color/Mini

The main function of the Carcomm Mobile iPod® Cradle is to power and charge your iPod® while you’re on the move, and hold it securely into its position.

The Mobile iPod® Cradle uses the original iPod® cradle connector. By using this original iPod® cradle connector and by using injection molding manufacturing a perfect fit to the iPod® is ensured and the iPod® it protected in the best way possible.

Because the iPod® is sensitive for scratches the cradle is designed to minimize the scratching.
To increase protection of the iPod® in and outside the vehicle even more, a protective iPod® skin is included with the Carcomm iPod® cradle.

For charging and powering the iPod® the cradle has an integrated charging system which can be used at 12 and 24 Volt.

The Carcomm iPod® Cradle has a single cable output with a length of 1,5m and a 8 pin Mini-DIN connector. To this Mini-DIN connector you can connect different adaptor cables. Included with the cradle is an Audio/Video-out ( Cinch ) cable and a 12-24V cigarette-lighter plug.

To use and mount the cradle right away a rotating swivel and a windowmount with suctioncup is included, to mount the cradle on the dashboard or on the windscreen of your vehicle.

For an even more secure installation a Safety-Mount® is available seperately. This enables you to mount the cradle on the dashboard without damaging the dashboard.

– Compatible with the iPod® 3G / 4G / Photo / Color / Mini
– Slim design
– Perfect fit to the iPod®
– Dashboard colour
– Single cable output from the cradle
– Build in charging system
– Prepared for permanent installation
– Ready to connect to the Car Radio
– e4 approved
– Registered model design, patented

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