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Review: Coffre Fort v1.0 from tibSys SARL

Coffre Fort v1.0 ($2) is an application with its documentation and App Store page entirely in the French language, however, the application is actually bilingual and will displays its information in either English or French according to your iPhone’s language setting. Literally translated, Coffre Fort means “strongbox” or “safe,” and the English version of the application actually shows a title of “Private Safe” on your iPhone home screen and within the application itself.

Beyond its dual-language support, however, Coffre Fort is generally unremarkable. The application provides fixed-field support for Internet accounts, Bank accounts, Credit cards and Private notes, but beyond the descriptions, all fields are free-form with no validation of contextually-appropriate data entry (i.e., fields that should be numeric or date fields do not display a numeric keypad or date browser).


Review: Coffre Fort v1.0 from tibSys SARL

About the only unique feature that Coffre Fort offers is the ability to send Bank Account information out via e-mail. Like Cards, once you have set a password it cannot be changed, and there is no intruder lockout feature. Further, your item titles are actually shown at the initial sign on screen even before a password is entered.


Review: Coffre Fort v1.0 from tibSys SARL

The most serious limitation of Coffre Fort is the lack of any encryption of your “secure” data. While encryption is not specifically advertised, this is something that most users of apps advertised as “secure” have come to expect as a core feature. The data stored by Coffre Fort is stored in plain text within an SQLite database which can be read either via direct access to a jailbroken iPhone, or more easily from the iPhone backups maintained by iTunes in a matter of seconds by a user with even a moderate level of iPhone and iTunes experience. This lack of security is a serious enough flaw in an app that is intended to store credit cards and passwords to warrant our lowest possible rating. iLounge Rating: F.

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Company: tibSys SARL


Title: Coffre Fort v1.0

Price: $2

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches


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