Review: Collage by John Moffett

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Collage ($2) is a photo manipulation and collage tool for the iPhone and iPod touch that offers a slightly less-polished interface than the similar app Photoboard, but makes up for it with expanded functionality. Using tools, you can create a decorative stack of your photos on top of a background. The app’s main window features a row of buttons at the bottom for adding a picture, performing an adjustment or filtering the current image, cutting out a certain portion of the image, moving the current image forward and backward in the stack of photos, removing the image, and saving the collage.

Review: Collage by John Moffett

Images that are added from the photo library or camera roll appear on the screen with a small border, which can be removed via the action button. Other options in the actions menu include black and white and sepia filters, a nudge straight command, remove/add frame, auto layout, and transparency adjustment. Like Photoboard, users may resize a photo by tapping on it with two fingers and performing pinch and zoom gestures, and can move photos simply by dragging them around. Collages are saved to the camera roll in only 960×640 resolution, which is somewhat disappointing.


Review: Collage by John Moffett

While it offers more features than the similar Photoboard, Collage’s interface just isn’t quite as polished. Still, it provides a reasonable amount of functionality for the price, and isn’t a bad application by any means. We’d like to see the developers put more time into more smooth animation of the photos during manipulation and improved output resolution, but Collage is still a good app and worthy of our general recommendation.iLounge Rating: B.

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Company: John Moffett


Title: Collage

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Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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