Gear Guide: CoverCase iKandy iPod Nano 3 Pack Black, Blue, Red

iKandy Nano again raises the bar by creating a custom-fitted skin that also includes a revolutionary ultra-clear, scratch resistant screen protector. Also included with every CoverCase is the sleek and functional ZClips.

This low-profile polycarbonate clip rotates to give you the best angle to control your iPod when clipped to your belt. It can be completely removed so that you can easily slip your iPod into a pocket or bag.

The case allows access to all ports and features an ultra thin click-wheel membrane for maximum coverage and maximum protection

# Special smooth composite material includes 3 colors ” Black, Red and Blue”
# Doesn’t attract dust or become sticky
# Soft protective case to protect iPod from dings and dents
# Designed to fit the iPod’s new nano perfectly
# Cutouts for access to all functionalities of the iPod
# Belt slits for mounting on straps without the bulk
# Includes 3 innovative iPod Nano Crystal Screen protection
# Protection for the click-wheel and full functionality
# Durable, washable and tear-resistant
# Detachable 3 lanyard are included.
# Designed to hold your iPod upright for quick syncing and easy viewing of the screen, the stand will provide hours of listening enjoyment.

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