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Review: Cube Runner by Andy Qua

Cube Runner

We enjoy checking out free apps. We especially enjoy trying free games. So there’s no reason that you shouldn’t take a look at Andy Qua’s Cube Runner (Free), a title that has spent significant time in the App Store’s Top 10 and is now in the top 15.

Review: Cube Runner by Andy Qua

Review: Cube Runner by Andy Qua

However, don’t expect to be especially impressed. There’s nothing deceptive or in any way wrong with how this game is named or presented: it presents a flat blue sky, a flat gray ground, and a bunch of 3-D cubes that move towards you. You, by the way, are an arrow, and if you touch the cubes, you disintegrate into a collection of square dots. Several difficulty levels make the motion slower or faster, depending on how intense you want your cube-running action to be. We can’t claim to be enthusiastic enough about the action or presentation here to ever want to pick up this title again, but as our standards for free, demo-class iPhone games are lower than they are for paid ones, we’d call this one average overall, and worthy of its price. iLounge Rating: C.

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Company and Price

Company: Andy Qua


Title: Cube Runner

Price: Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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