Review: Cubes Lite by Manta Research

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Manta Research’s Cubes Lite (Free) is, in a sense, what Nintendo’s Tetrisphere would have been with a little less structure: you are presented with a cube made up of colored cubes, and your goal is to eliminate clusters of same-colored cubes in a manner that generates a score equal to or higher than the target. Whenever cubes are removed, the remaining cubes tend to clump together, creating additional scoring potential. The only trick here is that eliminating the most conspicuous cubes first leads to too low of a score, so you’ll need to figure out ways to get more blocks to merge together; we found this fun to play for free, but had no interest in buying the $3 full version called Cubes. The Lite version is worth seeing. iLounge rating: B.

Review: Cubes Lite by Manta Research

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Company: Manta Research


Title: Cubes Lite

Price: Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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