The new DK+ footbed from SOLE Custom Footbeds allows users to transfer the Nike+ system to any pair of running or hiking shoes. The DK+ features an integrated pod that securely holds a Nike+ sensor underneath the arch support of the footbed.  SOLE married this pod with its successful Dean Karnazes Signature Edition Footbeds, which feature 1.6 millimeters of Softec cushioning, an X-Static moisture wicking topsheet and SOLE’s simple, do-it-yourself heat moldable custom fit.

-Footbed securely holds a Nike+ sensor underneath your foot
-Footbed can be transferred to any pair of shoes
-Footbeds are heat-moldable and require only a toaster oven and a few minutes to custom fit.
-Footbeds can be reheated up to five times.
-Footbeds provide support and comfort to improve performance and biomechanics

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