Gear Guide: DecalGirl 4G iPod Skins


Gear Guide: DecalGirl 4G iPod Skins

Want to dress up your fourth-generation (4G) iPod without messing with the warranty? Forget about cheap paper inkjet stickers – try an original skin and see for yourself what everyone’s talking about! As with all of our full-color skins, they’re printed using UV-stable inks on glossy cast vinyl, then laminated with a clear protectant layer to prevent smudging, smearing or fading. All of our printed skins use a patented removable adhesive that means they’re easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any goo behind! Feeling creative? Grab our templates here and design your own skin!

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Company: + Ryan Peters LLC
Model: DecalGirl 4G iPod Skins
List Price: $5.99

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