Review: Devoted1 iBelieve Crucifix Cap for iPod shuffle


Pros: A solid iPod shuffle lanyard necklace cap replacement that transforms the shuffle into a crucifix. Reasonable price, cap has good ball bearing lock on shuffle.

Review: Devoted1 iBelieve Crucifix Cap for iPod shuffle

Cons: Size and look of crucifix may be a bit much for even those who are initially interested in the concept.

Though it appears that iPod shuffle accessories aren’t extremely popular, we’re doing quick reviews today of several new add-ons that have been released in recent weeks. Our first such review today is Devoted1’s iBelieve ($13), the first “religious” iPod accessory we’ve tested. We use the quotes only because Devoted1’s web site is intentionally a bit funny, with a quote from the book of Jobs, the tagline “Audio Salvation for only $12.95,” and the sentence, “Just toss your old cap habit, pop on the divine iBelieve and rejoice!” Is this just cheeky, informed marketing to young-at-heart Christian customers, or something else? You can decide for yourself.

Marketing aside, iBelieve is a glossy white plastic USB cap for the iPod shuffle with a white fabric lanyard necklace running through the top of its body, which independently looks like an upside down T. Your shuffle is inserted upside down in the cap, as with the shuffle’s included lanyard cap, and the pieces together form a big glossy crucifix. How big? The crucifix is over 2.5” wide and 4.5” tall – very visible from a distance.

Review: Devoted1 iBelieve Crucifix Cap for iPod shuffle

As USB caps for the shuffle go, this one is built fine – the only thing that detracts a little is that its side corners are squared-off rather than rounded – and its internal ball bearings form a proper lock with the shuffle’s USB plug. You plug in your headphones just as you would with the shuffle’s lanyard necklace, and walk around with the cross around your neck. Whether something this large and noticeable is an appropriate way to proclaim your religious beliefs, or just an amusing gimmick, is up to you; either way, it’s not too expensive, and we offer our limited recommendation to anyone who finds its looks appealing.

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Company: Devoted1


Model: iBelieve

Price: $13

Compatible: iPod shuffle

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