Gear Guide: Dice iTPA-220


The ipod tube amplifier system fills your home or office with true audiophile, rich and warm quality sound. Placed into the ipod docking tray, it charges the ipod allowing endless hours of listening to your favorite music. The amplifier system has an auxiliary input for additional audio devices such as a computer or any MP3 player. It also features a video output for use with the video ipods. Speakers feature a bass reflex port to increase bass response. Ask for James

-Dual 6n3 tube pre-amp
-Powered speakers(2x20w)
-Built-in Universal Ipod Dock with  
interchangable base plate
-Control from remote or iPod
-Charges ipod
-Turns ipod on/off
-6 button remote
-Easy to use operation
-Tube lifetime: 5,000 hours continuous
-RCA line level input for additional component
-1/8’ line level output for powered speakers or
power amplifier

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