Gear Guide: Digital Age Products iSoundz CarCast FM Transmitter


Gear Guide: Digital Age Products iSoundz CarCast FM Transmitter

The iSoundz CarCast FM Transmitter operates wirelessly via your automobiles FM radio. Just set your car radio to station 107.7 FM, plug in the CarCast to your cigarette lighter and its mini-jack plug to your audio device. CarCast makes it simple. There is no fussing and fiddling with multiple stations trying to lock in a clear signal.

Because the CarCast FM Transmitter uses power from your autos cigarette lighter there is no need to buy expensive batteries to power the transmitter. And the CarCast doesnt drain battery power from your iPod or other audio devices. Your listening will never be interrupted by weak wireless signals due to low battery power again.

Developed with frequency phase-lock loop technology, The CarCast delivers stable, practically interference free music and voice from your MP3 player, PDA, CD player or mini-disk.

  • Operates only on 107.7FM

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    Company: Digital Age Products
    Model: iSoundz CarCast FM Transmitter
    List Price: $24.95

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