Gear Guide: Digital Age Products iSoundz Sound Wallet Mini Speakers


It is not just another handsome leatherette carrying case for your iPod… It’s the iSoundz Sound Wallet with built-in, self-powered, stereo speakers. Now you can share your music and sounds where ever you go.

The iSoundz Sound Wallet’s unique design embeds a pair of stereo speakers into the left hand side of the case.

Easy to connect to both iPods and iPod Minis (with adjustable fitted strap), the Sound Wallet includes audio cable, AC adapter, and even a USB charging cable so you can recharge the Sound Wallet’s Ni-MH battery from your notebook or desktop computer.

Great for playing music and audio books anywhere you go from overnight trips to outdoor events. The Sound Wallet Mini Speakers retails for $39.95.

  • Works with ALL iPods and iPod minis

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    Company: Digital Age Products
    Model: iSoundz Sound Wallet Mini Speakers
    List Price: $39.95

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