Review: Distil Union Stanley Stand

Distil Union’s Stanley is a flexible leather stand for iPhone. Mostly a maker of wallets and wallet iPhone cases, Stanley is a foray into something different for DU. Stanley is a simple stand — a flexible one-piece leather stand which comes in a variety of colors. (The “aqua” stand we received is a nice departure from all the black stands and docks we see regularly.) An iPhone can be docked in portrait or landscape mode, and a small hole in the back of the stand allows a Lightning cable to be passed through for charging. Distil Union also includes a 6′ USB extension cable with Stanley. The stand can be folded up into a flatter shape when traveling to take up a small amount of space.

Review: Distil Union Stanley Stand

Stanley’s leather exterior pairs with a felt interior portion of the stand for a soft-touch experience — another difference from the many plastic and aluminum docks and stands on the market. There’s clearly a piece of metal underneath the softer materials, which allows for the flexibility. Although a number of positions are possible, if you plan on charging in portrait mode, the portion of Stanley which actually holds the iPhone has to be elevated enough to allow for enough room to properly connect a Lightning cable. (There’s also no place for the Lightning cable to actually attach, either. So when it’s not being used, the connector is likely to rest beneath the stand, which doesn’t make for the tidiest appearance.) Because of the soft, somewhat slick leather, we found that Stanley actually works much better with cased iPhones, which add some needed grip.


Distil Union points out that Stanley can also be used with the iPad mini, which is true if you aren’t using a bulky case. But mostly, Stanley should be seen as an iPhone stand. Though the price may seem high to some considering the stand’s simplicity — and its lack of an included Lightning cable — Stanley’s color options, and unique look and feel may appeal to those seeking something minimalist and different.

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Company: Distil Union

Model: Stanley Stand

MSRP: $50

Compatibility: iPad mini, iPhone + iPod

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