Review: Distil Union Wally for iPhone 5

We’ve come across plenty of iPhone stickers, as well as cases with wallet features; Distil Union’s Wally for iPhone 5 ($50) is the first accessory we’ve seen that combines the properties of both into one product. A leather pocket, Wally sticks to the back of your iPhone, bare or in a case, with a reusable micro-suction material. It holds up to three cards, with a pull tab to get access to them, and comes in either brown or black; there’s also a version for iPhone 4/4S. A second sheet of adhesive material arrived with our review unit, and is said to be better suited for cases with matte or rubberized finishes.

Review: Distil Union Wally for iPhone 5

Review: Distil Union Wally for iPhone 5

Wally is a very nice looking product, and the quality of the leather is high. In our initial testing, we found the default adhesive to not be quite sticky enough. Even after curling the edges inward, it still peeled away a bit. The “alternadhesive,” on the other hand, is far tackier, and held better, particularly to cases. This sort of compatibility is what makes Wally so appealing. Few of the wallet cases we’ve seen compare to the quality of standalone cases. Not having to give up your favorite case, but still being able to carry around cards without a wallet, is pretty cool.


Review: Distil Union Wally for iPhone 5

Review: Distil Union Wally for iPhone 5

With the proper adhesive in place, Wally hits the right notes. It’s attractive, and insertion and removal of cards is easy. We only have one problem with it, but it happens to be a major one: the price. $50 is more than we generally recommend paying for a case itself, let along a sticker. Yes, the leather is nice material, but it’s not that nice. At a lower price, Wally justifies a higher recommendation, but at the current level, it earns a B-.

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Company: Distil Union


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