Review: Divoom Voombox Power Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker

Voombox Power is Divoom’s latest rugged Bluetooth speaker, an upgrade to the company’s Voombox Outdoor, that comes in at a slightly higher price tag but provides a corresponding boost in audio quality while retaining the same style as the Voombox Party in a much smaller and more portable form-factor.

Review: Divoom Voombox Power Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker

Voombox Power includes most of Divoom’s typical features, including an eight-hour battery, an IPX5 rated waterproof design that’s suitable for poolside and beach use but won’t handle immersion, speakerphone capabilities, and NFC pairing for NFC-capable smartphones (which sadly still excludes the iPhone due to its NFC implementation being limited to use with Apple Pay). In the box you’ll find a lanyard, USB charging cable, and 3.5mm audio cable, but as with most speakers in this price range, you’ll need to supply your own USB power source to charge the speaker.

Review: Divoom Voombox Power Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker

A set of buttons on the top of the speaker provide the usual controls for power, volume, track navigation, and Bluetooth pairing, along with five LEDs to show battery status. The play/pause button also doubles as a call answer/end button for the speakerphone capabilities, and a sixth button is dedicated to Divoom’s “double-up pairing” feature which allows you to use Voombox speakers together in a stereo configuration. On one side, concealed beneath a rubber watertight flap, are the ports for charging — both a micro-USB for power input and a two-amp USB-A for using the speaker as a power bank to recharge an iPhone — as well as a 3.5mm audio input jack. A 6,000 mAh battery provides the ability to easily deliver a full charge to any of Apple’s current iPhone lineup — although you’ll obviously be shortening your speaker playback time by doing so, that’s not going to matter much if the device your playing your music from has a dead battery.

Review: Divoom Voombox Power Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker

Under the hood, Voombox Power packs quite a punch for a speaker of its size; each side of the speaker includes a full-range driver, a silk tweeter, and a passive radiator, for a total of six drivers providing 360-degree sound and 30 watts of total power output — a nice change from most speakers in this form factor, which generally only project sound from the front. The result is powerful, room-filling sound that lives up to its name. The lack of an active sub means that Voombox Power isn’t going to be the first choice for anybody who prefers a heavier bass presentation, but we definitely wouldn’t call the speaker anemic — the bass is present, but unrefined. The good news, however, is that the sound gets quite loud, and is relatively distortion free even at the top of the volume range. Voombox Power provides a reasonably balanced sound for a speaker in its size and price range.

Review: Divoom Voombox Power Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker

As the name implies, Divoom appears to have gone for raw output power over refinement in Voombox Power. It’s a decent all-around speaker that pumps out quite a bit of power for its size, but it’s sound signature likely won’t appeal to those with specific listening scenarios or genres in mind — it’s a great outdoor speaker for casual listening, but even despite the high volume output it wouldn’t be our first choice for parties — Divoom’s Voombox Party still does a better job for typical party mixes with its active sub and focus on the high and low ranges. That said, if your musical tastes are eclectic like ours, you’ll appreciate the fact the Voombox Power is balanced enough to play well with almost any genre of music, and pump out enough power to make sure you can hear it.

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