Review: Divoom Voombox Pro Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker

Earlier this year we took a look at Divoom’s Voombox Power, an upgrade to the company’s earlier Voombox Outdoor speaker, and now the company is back with its bigger brother, Voombox Pro, a larger version that seems like a direct successor to its 2015 Voombox Party. Sporting the same design and form-factor as Divoom’s other recent speakers, Voombox Pro is the company’s flagship model, promising the best audio of their current lineup.

Review: Divoom Voombox Pro Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker

Voombox Pro bears a striking resemblance to the company’s earlier Voombox Party, coming in slightly larger at 9.65” x 4.84” x 2.36” and featuring the newer controls found on this year’s Voombox Power. In the box you’ll also find a 3.5mm audio cable and the typical USB-A to micro USB charging cable, but as with many speakers we’ve seen these days, you’ll need to supply your own USB power source for charging it. Voombox Pro is also IPX5 rated, meaning its water-resistant, but not necessarily waterproof, despite Divoom’s marketing claims. Still, it’s a rugged speaker that we wouldn’t have any concerns about using at the beach or by the pool.

Review: Divoom Voombox Pro Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker

Voombox Pro also packs in a 10,000 mAh battery that promises up to 12 hours of playback time and can also be used to charge your iPhone or other USB device in a pinch; there’s more than enough juice here to fully recharge an iPhone at least twice over, although you’ll obviously be borrowing that power from your speaker’s playback time. A USB-A power output can be found alongside the micro-USB charging port and 3.5mm input jack under a sealed rubber cover on the side of the speaker. The buttons on the top of the speaker are identical in layout and function to the earlier Voombox Power, providing controls for power, volume, track navigation, and Bluetooth pairing, alongside five LEDs that show battery status. As with most Bluetooth speakers, the play/pause button also works to answer and end calls for the speakerphone mode. Divoom’s “double-up pairing” button is also found on top, which lets you use two Voombox speakers together in a stereo configuration.

Review: Divoom Voombox Pro Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker

Like its smaller sibling, Voombox Power punches above its weight in terms of audio performance. Divoom has gone with the same driver design here, placing a full-range driver, a silk tweeter, and a passive radiator on each side of the speaker, but pushing the power up to 40 watts of output with the use of larger, 2.5-inch drivers. The driver positioning delivers a 360-degree sound signature that’s well-suited to outdoor environments, and distinguishes it from most other speakers in this rectangular form factor. As with Voombox Power, however, there’s still no active sub here, despite the larger size, so if you’re looking for a bass-heavy speaker, this may not be your first choice. We’d say Voombox Pro provides respectable bass, but it’s definitely nothing special; rather it leans toward the muddy and unrefined side that’s typical of most speakers in this price range. As with its previous speakers, however, Divoom has managed to produce loud volume with minimal distortion even at the top of its volume range.

Review: Divoom Voombox Pro Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker

Voombox Pro delivers the kind of balanced sound we’ve come to expect from Divoom’s more recent speakers, and is actually a welcome change from Voombox Party. The company’s earlier attempt at a “room-filling” speaker put too much emphasis on the bass — delivering good bass is hard to accomplish and all too easy to screw up in a small speaker — so we’d say its decision to go with a passive sub in its newer speakers has been a move in the right direction. However, we’re not convinced that Voombox Pro adds significant value over its smaller sibling, Voombox Power, which provides comparable sound quality for $30 less and is more portable. While there’s nothing wrong with Voombox Pro by comparison, we think that Voombox Power sits in the sweet spot in terms of its price and size, and most users will likely be satisfied with what the smaller version has to offer. That said, if you’re looking for something that gets louder and provides more battery life, Voombox Pro is still definitely worth a look.

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