Gear Guide: DLO Dock Cable for iPod shuffle


The DLO USB Dock Cable is a 4-foot USB cable that allows an iPod shuffle to connect conveniently to any computer, especially those with recessed or closely spaced USB ports. Unlike standard USB extension cables, it mounts to any surface and it features a connector that matches the iPod shuffle perfectly. 

Designed specifically for the iPod shuffle, the DLO USB Dock Cable frees up adjacent connectors that would otherwise be blocked by the extra-wide iPod shuffle. It plugs into any free USB port with a standard size plug, and with its 4-foot length, offers a super-handy connection port, providing easy in-and-out access for the shuffle.

More versatile than other USB cables, the DLO Dock Cable prominently displays the shuffle on a person’s computer or screen, on a wall or anywhere nearby with included white Velcro tabs which attach to the back of the Dock Cable’s port so that nothing needs to be added to the shuffle itself in order to mount it. This helpful placement keeps a user from reaching around the back of their computer to access their USB connection to dock or charge their shuffle. In addition to the mounting system, the DLO Dock Cable features a docking cap specially designed to match the form of the iPod shuffle.

• Never again crawl around behind your computer or under your desk just to plug in and connect your iPod shuffle
• Mount the USB Dock Cable t o your monitor, wall or desk space with included white Velcro tabs
• Allows iPod shuffle to connect to recessed or closely spaced USB ports on your computer
• Reach the back of your PC or Mac with ease using the versatile, 4-foot USB Dock Cable

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Company: DLO
Model: Dock Cable for iPod shuffle
List Price: $19.99

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