Gear Guide: DLO iScreen Transparent iPod Protector

Add a second skin to your iPod with Digital Lifestyle Outfitters’ iScreen for iPod.

Gear Guide: DLO iScreen Transparent iPod Protector

This is the best product we have found to protect your iPod!!! Sure you have a case, but the iScreen actually adds a second skin to your iPod. The iScreen Transparent iPod Protector cosists of 2 micro-thin, custom die-cut plastic films that adhere to your iPod (via high static).

The front film is die-cut and includes a hole to access the scroll wheel. The back film is die-cut and provides protection to the stainless steel backing of the iPod.

Both films adhere strongly to the iPod via high-static.

This means you can remove them without leaving any sticky residue behind. The films are 100% transparent and you can barely see them when applied.

  • Works with original 5, 10, 20gb iPods

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    Company: DLO
    Model: iScreen Transparent iPod Protector
    List Price: $7.99

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