Review: DLO SlimCase for iPhone 3G


As we’re now dealing with a huge influx of hundreds of cases and other accessories, we’ve opted to issue abbreviated reviews of a number of late case arrivals for the iPhone 3G — ones that are substantially similar to cases we’ve previously reviewed. This review looks at DLO’s new SlimCase for iPhone 3G ($35), the sequel to the same-named product for the original iPhone.

Review: DLO SlimCase for iPhone 3G

As before, SlimCase is a leather-covered hardshell with a detachable wrist strap, the latter piece typically not found as a pack-in with competing cases these days. The only major positive changes are that DLO now includes two clear film screen protectors rather than one, and sells SlimCase for $5 less than its predecessor.


Review: DLO SlimCase for iPhone 3G

Once again, the design is substantially open on the sides, but this time, it’s also more open on the top than before, exposing virtually all of the iPhone 3G’s top surface. A bigger change is that SlimCase no longer works inside of Universal Docks, meaning that you’ll need to remove the iPhone 3G to place it inside of speakers and other common docking accessories. This is a major inconvenience that some other leather cases have found ways around.


Review: DLO SlimCase for iPhone 3G

Review: DLO SlimCase for iPhone 3G

Overall, SlimCase provides a handsome dark leather enhancement for the plastic iPhone 3G body, but you’ll need to decide whether its accessory compatibility—open top, problematic bottom—and lax top and side protection are acceptable. By the standards of last year’s model and competitors, this one rates a flat B; the overall look for the price is its strongest selling point, with the included strap an added frill that may interest some female iPhone 3G users.


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Company: Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO)


Model: SlimCase

Price: $35

Compatible: iPhone 3G

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