Review: DoodleIt by Pencil Busters

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DoodleIt (Free) is a simple drawing application. Its main drawing screen uses only a small portion at the bottom for controls, which include a button to select the color, a slider for adjusting the brush size, and a settings button which lets the user save the drawing or load an image from the photo library. On the color choice screen, users can select from 18 pre-defined colors, choose the eraser, erase lines, or erase all.

Review: DoodleIt by Pencil Busters

When drawing, lines will often times begin or end with sharp projections — it’s unclear whether this is due to a lack of smoothing in the software or due to a poor choice of base bitmap for the brush. Otherwise, tracking performs as expected. That’s the entirety of DoodleIt’s functionality. While it is free, it’s hard to recommend given the graphic-related issues users will encounter while drawing, and the superior quality of iDoodle2 lite, another free app. A fix for the graphics glitches, either by way of a different basic shape for the line or a smoothing feature, is the first step towards improving DoodleIt, which currently falls short of even our limited recommendation. iLounge Rating: C-.

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Company: Pencil Busters

Website: PBI

Title: DoodleIt

Price: Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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