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DVD Xpress DX2, a USB 2.0 external audio/video capture device that is so easy to use, even consumers who aren’t technically savvy can convert analog audio/video content to a digital format. With support for all of the leading video formats, the plug-and-play device can be used to create high-quality videos that can be enjoyed on the road with portable video players* such as a Sony PSP, Apple iPod or Creative Technology’s new Zen Vision or viewed on a TV with a home DVD player.

DVD Xpress DX2 is the first of ADS Tech’s exciting new family of Video To Go products that make it simple to capture, convert, enjoy and share favorite videos, TV shows and sporting events anytime, anywhere.

It is also the only hardware-based iPod video and PSP format capture device on the market. By incorporating a powerful hardware encoder, the new audio/video capture device does all the work instead of the PC. Real-time hardware conversion produces the best DVD quality.

Capture audio and video via the USB port to your computer hard drive or   “Direct to Disc” (CD or DVD disc)
Exclusive “Audio-Lock” technology for perfect lip synch
Capture video directly to popular video formats; DVD (MPEG-2), SVCD,  VCD (MPEG-1), MPEG-4 and DivX
Capture directly to Sony PSP video and Apple iPod video formats
Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness and Hue controls
Use the Included CapWiz application for easy video capture direct to your   desired video compression format
Record to your computer hard drive or “Direct to Disc”
Exclusive Hardware Encoding chip inside DVD Xpress creates the highest   quality video without putting extra strain on your PC
Compatible with all CD and DVD writers
USB 2.0 connection to PC (USB 1.1 compatible)

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