Gear Guide: E-Music t-shirt, with stereo earphones and a pocket for your iPod/Mp3 player


E-Music t-shirts are a new music t-shirts line equipped with stereo earphones and a pocket to host your iPOD or Mp3 player.
“Wear your music” and take it with you easily.

Different from the other ipod oriented t-shirts, Music and Sons t-shirts

*  have a street-style italian design and are not for sports only

*  earphones are part of the garment, so no more flying cables (Patent Registered)
      – a thread extension runs from the back collar to the side pocket, and it’s washable with the t-shirt.
      – the earphones part can be disconnected (when not needed or to wash the t-shirt) through the plug behind the neck

* side pocket to host your iPod, not only the ipod nano but the most common
Mp3 players

*  Fair Trade line: t-shirts come from Bangladesh through the Aarong Fair Trade project and are finished, printed and “set to music” in Italy

* screen print graphics inspired by Music and Sons concept of “Music” as our common spirituality behind any ideology, faith,…

* affordable price (30-40 Euros)

* online e-commerce shop

Look at Music and Sons web site:

New colours, patterns, prints coming soon…we are in a “work in progress” phase.
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