Element Cases generally makes two types of accessories: over-designed add-ons that might make sense at lower prices, and over-designed add-ons that wouldn’t be worth considering regardless of the price. Although we have a pretty strong feeling on the topic, we invite you to contemplate which of those categories Sector 5 ($150-$160) fits into: this is the company’s latest “add a metal frame to the outside of your iPhone” kit, requiring a small included wrench for installation and removal, this time also including insulating/protective stickers so that you don’t damage the iPhone 5’s aluminum body — notably, one of the internal stickers tore when we were were attempting to adjust it during installation.

Clear screen film and carbon fiber back film are included in the $150 package; a fuzzy microsuede back plate is added if you pay $160. Each package includes a zippered black carrying case for the reframed iPhone 5. From our perspective, neither Sector 5 package makes much sense: why would anyone want to put an iPhone inside a highly inconvenient metal frame that also requires you to protect the device both inside and out? We don’t intend to try to answer that question in a full review.


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Company and Price

Company: Element Case

Website: www.Elementcase.com

Model: Sector 5

Price: $150-$160

Compatible: iPhone 5