Gear Guide: Eton Sound 50


Gear Guide: Eton Sound 50

Gear Guide: Eton Sound 50

Etón Sound 50, Stereo iPod Docking Station with Remote

Listening to your iPod has never been so attractive! With its innovative design and retro styling, the Etón Sound 50 was designed to enhance your iPod audio collection. Enjoying your playlist is as easy as plugging your iPod into the docking station and letting it charge while you listen and enjoy without any interruption. Developed in the same platform and design as the Etón Sound 100 and 110, the Etón Sound 50 can easily be used as a piece of your home or office décor.

• Seamless playback of all audio from your iPod in room-filling, hi-fidelity sound
• Dual twin full range drivers and micro tweeters to provide balanced sound across
the entire frequency range
• Charges iPod during playback or whenever docked
• Provides full control of iPod via remote (included)
• Small and compact design
• Integrated LED power and volume indicators
• AC Adapter (included)
• iPod tray to fit various models
• 3.5mm Male:Male Cord
• Available in two colors: Astro Black and Glossy White
• Dimensions: 10�?W x 6�?H x 5.75�?D (250mm x 155mm x 146mm)
• Weight: 2.3 lbs. (1.04kg)

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