Gear Guide: EVG240 iPod iPhone Ready 50” Video Eyewear

Imagine watching the latest videos or movies on a large 50” Screen from 2M away on a device that weighs only 49g and it supports direct connection to the iPod Video and Microsft Zune.

Play the latest games on your Xbox, PlayStation or Wii without hogging the family’s TV.

Connect it to a DVD player or VCR and watch movies in your own private big screen virtual theatre.

Use it with your iPod 5G, iPod nano with video, classic, touch or the iPhone*

Wear it anytime, anywhere, sitting or lying down, enjoy the portability !

* Compatible with iPod 5th Gen, iPod Nano 3G, iPod Touch 1G, iPod Classic 1G, iPhone and iPhone 3G firmware 2.0 and below.

ALL other iPod models such as iPod Nano 4G, touch 2G, classic 2G and iPhone with firmware 2.0 + requires Apple AV Composite cable

• Unique optics design for safe and comfortable use
• Independant volume control
• Auto recognize and exchange between NTSC/PAL/SECAM
• World’s lightest QVGA eyewear – only 49 grams
• High quality stereo earphones
• External earphone / headphone / speaker compatible
• User Removable Nokia battery
• Special design for glasses users
• Direct connection to iPod Video or Zune – simply plugs into the AV output jack
• Compatible with devices with any AV output devices such as Set Top Boxes, DVD players etc
• Works with the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Wii
• Charges via USB

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