Gear Guide: EWOO iPod Screen based remote

With EWOO™ be in control of your multimedia environment and control remotely all your content for top quality broadcasting.

EWOO™ combines free movement with intuitive touch-screen navigation to offer the best user experience

1.8’’ TFT screen
Intuitive touch-screen navigation
2-way radio communication (2.4 GHz)
Analog and digital optic audio outputs
Video output (S-video)
Recharge iPod and remote control simultaneously on the station
Use within a radius of 30 meters
10-day battery life (Polymer Lithium Battery)
Record weight of 60 grams
Miniaturized mains supply
User interface updated via the USB connection
iPod™ 3G/4G/5G, mini, nano 1 & 2G compliant
Optionally iTunes™ compliant

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