Gear Guide: eyeGhost – video/touch


Gear Guide: eyeGhost – video/touch

The eyeGhost iPod cover was created for you to enjoy the excellent, quality look and feel of your iPod. This durable, ultra slim, semi-rigid cover wraps around your iPod, providing sleek, virtually invisible protection without inhibiting the full use of the click wheel, buttons and touch screen!

Without adhesive, eyeGhost sticks to your iPod and to itself for a secure, non-slip fit. eyeGhost is easy to remove and reapply, easy to clean and easy to care for.

No adhesive…sticks without being sticky!
Durable and Clear.
Slim Profile.
Provides full use of Click Wheel and Touch Screen
Uninhibited access to button and ports.
Slips into pocket.
Easy to apply and remove.
Easy to clean with rubbing alcohol or oil free soap and water,
dry with a soft lint free cloth.

Socially Responsible
Assembly, packing and shipping by the Bobby Dodd Institute, “Empowering people with disabilities and disadvantages to maximize their potential by securing economic self-sufficiency, independence and integration into society.”

“Green” Packaging
Package is 100% recyclable.
Designed for minimal waste during manufacturing.
Patent Pending.

Design and Production
Designed by Teel Cook Design, Inc. located in Atlanta GA.

Produced in the Greater Atlanta Area, USA

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