Maxx Spectra for iPhone 4/4S ($40) is the first product we’ve seen from newcomer FabX, and it’s another take on the traditional shell-style case we see quite often. The body has a pretty standard hard plastic construction, although there is an unusual pair of rubber strips on the inside to protect the iPhone, and another on the outer edges of the case. What sets this one apart is the built-in elastic strap, which is attached at the top and latches around the bottom with a plastic U-shaped clip that also protects the Dock Connector port. FabX says it can be used as a hand strap, to steady the camera, to hold credit cards and more. Unfortunately, the band snapped out of the clip the first time we used one of our two review units, although it popped back in place very easily.

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Company and Price

Company: FabX


Model: Maxx Spectra

Price: $40

Compatible: iPhone 4/4S