Gear Guide: Ferguson Hill FH007 mini speaker system

The Ferguson Hill FH007 mini system consists of the following components:

One pair of Transparent Front loaded Horn Dipole Loudspeakers
With a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms
Each speaker has dimensions of 43cm x 26 cm x 18cm (H x W x D)

One pair of Transparent Spherical Bass Loudspeakers
With a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms
Each speaker is a sphere of 20cm diameter

Integrated Hi-Fi Amplifier with initial Class A mode
Consisting of two sets of Bi-Amp Class A/B Amplifiers
All amplifier sections operate in Class A mode for the first 1.5 Watts of output to provide the purest signal, free of crossover distortion

The Horn amplifier is a full range 16 Watt amplifier with no crossover as each unit is driven separately by its own dedicated amplifier
The Amplifer is mains powered, the total power consumption being 160 W

The Bass amplifier is a 16 Watt amplifier with an active crossover @ 340 Hz
Bass level fine tuning adjustment of ± 6 dB
Inputs: Stereo Phono and Stereo mini jack
The amplifier is a cube, with each side being 14 cm

Frequency response of system:  75 Hz – 20 KHz ± 5 dB

The FH007 is a miniature version of the £20,000 combined FH001, FH002 and FH003 system, but developed for a wider audience and for a wider range of applications.  It has been designed to operate as a compact hi-fi system in conjunction with a CD or DVD player, or as a high end amplifier/speaker upgrade for an MP3 player or Executive PC in the Office or Study.  The other key consideration that went into the design process was to make a system that was small enough to be used on a desk top, whilst maintaining the high end ideals of the large system.

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