Review: Firebox v1.1 by ClownWare


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Review: Firebox v1.1 by ClownWare

Firebox ($5) is a wallet application intended to store multiple information types in a more free-form field structure. A top-level folder structure defines the field layout for each type of item, and a few sample folders are provided to get you started. No other folder organization is supported, meaning that these top-level folders basically form categories for each item type, rather than a method for organization classes of items, such as “business” or “personal.” Further, no means is provided to view ALL items in a single listing.

All item fields in Firebox are generic text with no context-specific field types or field validation, and no hidden or masked fields are supported, meaning that secure information is displayed when viewing items alongside other types of info.


Review: Firebox v1.1 by ClownWare

Firebox provides a slightly different listing view from other application, in that each item category can have fields assigned to either “list” or “detail” views. Fields assigned to “list” view are displayed in the main item listing screen, while those assigned to “detail” view are only displayed when an item is actually opened. When the layout is customized to add new fields, they are added to the “detail” view by default, and must be dragged up to be added to the list view. We found this to be a bit non-intuitive, as it was not obvious right away that fields could be dragged between the two sections.


Review: Firebox v1.1 by ClownWare

Firebox enforces a minimum six-character password length which is not in any way user configurable. Further, no intruder detection functionality is supported. Ultimately, this app provides very little for its $5 price tag compared to some of the alternatives available. iLounge Rating: C.

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Company: ClownWare


Title: Firebox

Price: $5

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches


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