Review: Freecell, Pyramid, and Solitaire by MobilityWare

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As with the above titles from Cliff Maier, MobilityWare obviously thought that it could make more money from the App Store by selling individual card games separately than bundling them together. The pitfall, unfortunately, is that none of these three titles – FreeCell ($2), Pyramid ($1), or Solitaire‌‌‌‌‌ ($2) – would be worth buying individually or together. All of them are pretty mediocre, limited versions of their respective games.

Review: Freecell, Pyramid, and Solitaire by MobilityWare

Review: Freecell, Pyramid, and Solitaire by MobilityWare

The presentation is as boring as these titles get; they’re played vertically only, with no screen rotation, and the graphics are as forgettable as they come: bland green backgrounds, bland simple cards. There’s no board customization except in Solitaire, which lets you switch between oversized, more readable cards and the “classic” ones. You’re given simple sound effects with no music.


Review: Freecell, Pyramid, and Solitaire by MobilityWare

As we’ve noted in other Solitaire reviews, there are better games out there for free than these titles judged either individually or collectively; there were, in fact, equally unimpressive web-based Solitaire titles for the iPhone before applications were even available for sale. We’d pass on them; they’re demo-quality, and not worth spending money on. iLounge Ratings: D.

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Company and Price

Company: MobilityWare


Title: FreeCell

Title: Pyramid

Title: Solitaire‌‌‌‌‌

Price: $2/$1/$2

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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