Preview: Fuse InTune Earphones

Most inexpensive earbuds don’t offer too much more than the straightforward ability to play music. Fuse’s four models of InTune Earphones ($25) have a little extra something though: each is tuned for a different genre of music. Pop/easy listening, jazz/classical, rock/blues/country, and rap/hip-hop versions are available, each tweaked and tailored to make the music you’re listening to sound better. Each set comes with three sizes of silicone ear cushions.

Preview: Fuse InTune Earphones

Preview: Fuse InTune Earphones

Preview: Fuse InTune Earphones

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Company and Price

Company: Fuse/foneGEAR


Model: InTune

Price: $25

Compatible: All iPads, iPods, and iPhones

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