First Look: G-Form Extreme Sleeve for iPad


Although most cases are meant to be at least somewhat protective, it is rare to see one that the developer has deliberately subjected to abuse for marketing purposes. That’s what G-Form has done with its Extreme Sleeve for iPad ($60): this seemingly simple sleeve — available in yellow or black — has withstood having a bowling ball dropped on it and being thrown from a plane. What makes it so protective is the materials it is composed of. Poron XRD is a foam material that’s normally thin, light, and flexible, but upon impact, it automatically stiffens and absorbs over 90% of the kinetic energy, keeping your iPad or iPad 2 safe. A durable metal zipper opens and closes the sleeve when you need to pull the iPad out or put it back in; neoprene is used as an inner liner.

First Look: G-Form Extreme Sleeve for iPad

First Look: G-Form Extreme Sleeve for iPad

First Look: G-Form Extreme Sleeve for iPad

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Company: G-Form


Model: Extreme Sleeve for iPad

Price: $60

Compatible: iPad, iPad 2

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