Review: G-Project G-Drop Waterproof Wireless Speaker

G-Drop ($50) is the newest wireless speaker from G-Project, which is known for inexpensive speakers with great sound. At half the price of most waterproof speakers, G-Drop is tough and IPX7-certified, capable of floating and being submerged to depths of 3 feet for up to 30 minutes. The small Bluetooth speaker — which can be propped up or placed on its back for listening — contains one 2.5″ driver and a passive bass radiator. G-Drop’s battery is said to last for six hours between charges, and an included metal loop allows users to clip the speaker to a bag.

Review: G-Project G-Drop Waterproof Wireless Speaker
Review: G-Project G-Drop Waterproof Wireless Speaker

G-Drop might be larger than you expect for such an inexpensive speaker. It has four “spokes” surrounding the speaker grille, all featuring separate playback and volume buttons — it’s a little more than 5.5” from the end of one spoke to another. Other buttons include an EQ button, Bluetooth pairing button, and a power button. A small locking door on one side of the speaker reveals a 5V Micro-USB charging port and line-in port. We kind of like the chunky design, especially at the price point. The speaker can be used on its edge or pointing skyward.

Review: G-Project G-Drop Waterproof Wireless Speaker

G-Drop feels very solid, and it’s clearly made to stand up to the elements. We dropped the speaker in the bathtub, and it played with no issues; the bass pumped little droplets of water out of the top of the speaker. Dust is kept from getting into the ports by use of the clever locking door. Additionally, G-Drop also packs in speakerphone functionality — a real surprise at such a low price. The call quality of the speakerphone was described as “feasible” at best. We wouldn’t recommend using G-Drop for its speakerphone, but the addition of the feature doesn’t hurt the overall package.

Review: G-Project G-Drop Waterproof Wireless Speaker

For a $50 speaker, G-Drop is comparable to G-Project’s G-Grip, which was released nearly two years ago, for $20 more. While G-Grip has stronger bass, G-Drop is no slouch in that department. G-Drop has good balance overall — switching between two equalizer settings offers a subtle change — and it gets louder than you’d think for such an inexpensive speaker, though as you might expect, that loudness does come with some distortion near top volume.

Review: G-Project G-Drop Waterproof Wireless Speaker

We review very few speakers priced this low, but G-Project’s reputation piqued our curiosity. Like other speakers from the company, G-Drop offers excellent value — it’s a rugged, fully waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and the sound is about as good as you can expect at such a low price point. Add in a metal clip and other clever design elements, and G-Project has another winner on its hands. G-Drop comes highly recommended.

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Company: G-Project

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Price: $50

Compatible: All Bluetooth-capable iPads, iPhones + iPods

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