Gear Guide: GBX Direct iPod Vehicle Dash Mounts


Gear Guide: GBX Direct iPod Vehicle Dash Mounts

GBX Direct has put together what we consider the best mounting solution for your Apple iPod (works flawlessly with ALL iPod models, including the iPod Mini and the iPod Nano). We’ve combined a Bracketron professional cellular phone mount with the PH-Mini 4 ultra-versatile mobile device holder. The key to this solution is the adapter plate that comes with every PH-Mini 4. All you need is a Custom Bezel Mount that is specific to your vehicle and the PH-Mini 4 adapter receives your Apple iPod cleanly. Forget about tape and vent mounts—mount your Apple iPod like the pros!

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Company: GBX Direct Inc
Model: Apple iPod Vehicle Dash Mounts
List Price: $29.99


Haider Ali Khan

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