After an initial flood that started shortly after the device’s late 2007 release, iPod touch case releases have recently been on the dry side. Over the last couple of weeks, however, we’ve had the chance to test three new options: iSkin’s iSkin touch ($30), Gecko Gear’s Safe Case (AU$30/US$29), and Incase’s Slider Case ($35). All three of these cases offer similar levels of protection, but differ in looks and other small ways; separate reviews today offer brief looks at each.

Review: Gecko Gear Safe Case for iPod touch

We were generally pleased with Gecko’s Safe Case, though the design struck us as instantly familiar. Made from two pieces of interlocking hard plastic, the Safe Case is so much like earlier SwitchEasy CapsuleTouch cases we’ve tested that we’re positive that they’re from the same factory. Yet there are differences, some making the Safe Case a little better, others not. Unlike CapsuleTouch, Safe Case is available in a single color, a matte-finished black, with the company’s distinctive diagonal stripe texture on the back. The shell provides a solid, safe-like feeling for the iPod touch, exposing its Sleep/Wake button, Home button, and bottom ports, but nothing else.


Review: Gecko Gear Safe Case for iPod touch

Review: Gecko Gear Safe Case for iPod touch

Face coverage is provided via a full-screen film protector, while a back protector, Universal Dock Adapter and headphone port adapter are also found in the package. These parts are identical to the ones found in SwitchEasy’s package, save for the screen protector, which is considerably better in GeckoGear’s implementation, and several missing pieces that CapsuleTouch included, such as a Dock Connector port cover, cleaning cloth, and prop-up video viewing stand.


Review: Gecko Gear Safe Case for iPod touch

Review: Gecko Gear Safe Case for iPod touch

We won’t repeat the entirety of the CapsuleTouch review, but it suffices to say that we consider these to be peer offerings given their differences in pricing, pack-ins, and front protection. You get more in the SwitchEasy package—the video stand’s a nice piece—have more color options, and a slightly lower price, but we preferred the way that Gecko Gear’s front protector worked, and liked the grippy feel of its diagonal lined back. Accessory compatibility remains mixed, due to the requirement of the included headphone adapter and the narrow Dock Connector port, which works with Universal Docks without a problem, but has issues with oversized Dock Connector plugs. Overall, this case is worthy of our general recommendation.

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Company: Gecko Gear


Model: Safe Case

Price: AU$30

Compatible: iPod touch

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