Gear Guide: GelaSkins for iPod Nano (2nd Gen.)


GelaSkins for the 2nd Generation iPod Nano are a full wrap around protective skin. Every skin covers the click wheel as well and comes with a great screen protector to keep your display looking like new.

What are GelaSkins? GelaSkins are very thin (

Every GelaSkin includes a GelaScreen display protector. GelaScreens are cut for a seamless fit within the GelaSkin to defend your iPod screen from scratches. Plus, they’re incredibly clear and bubble-free. Many GelaScreen users have noticed that scratches already present on their display are no longer noticeable after applying the GelaScreen.

Apply and remove at will. GelaSkins’ residue-free adhesion means no harm will come to your precious iPod. Patented 3M removable adhesive technology makes the GelaSkin as easy to remove as it is to apply.

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