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Review: Gesture by Big Stone Phone

Unlike basically every other application in this article, Gesture ($5) is focused on artistic image manipulation. As such, users are first brought to a screen showing their works in frames, with options at the top for viewing the user’s art or art created and uploaded by other Gesture users, an edit button for deleting drawings, and an add button for creating a new painting based on an image from the user’s photo library.

In the image editing view, users are presented with buttons for undo, zoom in/out, brush size, show/hide the original image, and an action button. This lets the user save the image to his photo library, share it on the app’s user submission area, and pointilize the original image. Since the application is meant as a tool for making artistic interpretations of existing images, users cannot select the line color — the app automatically selects the color based on the original image, letting the user focus on technique.

We seriously considered removing Gesture from this article since it doesn’t allow the user to actually draw anything from scratch; it remains here only due to the likelihood of it being confused with a real drawing/painting application. For what it’s worth, Gesture is a fairly powerful application in its own right, and potentially worth the purchase for fans of Corel Painter. Those looking for a true drawing application, however, will need to look elsewhere. iLounge Rating: N/A.


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Company: Big Stone Phone


Title: Gesture

Price: $5

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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