Gear Guide: Ghost Armor for the Apple Iphone

Gear Guide: Ghost Armor for the Apple Iphone

Ghost Armor™ is a polyurethane film precisely pre-cut to invisibly protect your Apple Iphone perfectly.You’ll receive the same extreme protection for your Apple Iphone that the military helicopter blades, fighter jets’ wingtips and the space shuttle’s wingtips receive!  Without bulk, creases, bubbles, or that orange peel look, we’ll protect your Apple Iphone from scratches and dings.  And remember – we back our product with a lifetime warranty!


* 1 Apple Iphone Ghost Armor Screen (24.99 for the full body)
* 1 Spray Bottle of Ghost Armor Application Solution
* 1 Squeegee


* 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
* LIFETIME Warranty
* Clear Full Body and Screen Scratch Proof
* Improved Grip
* Priority USPS Shipping
* Same Day Shipping

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