Gomite’s Tiltpod Mobile ($15) addresses a key problem with stands for the iPhone 4 and 4S: having to carry them around when they’re not in use. The company’s solution is a small rubber and plastic base that pairs with a magnetic iPhone grip, designed to be attached to your keychain so that it’s always there when you need it. Also included in the cleverly-angled packaging is a simple key ring.

Review: Gomite Tiltpod Mobile for iPhone 4/4S

The base is shaped like a flat egg shell, with dark grey plastic on top and bright green anti-slip rubber underneath. An opening near the base’s narrow end allows you to attach the key ring as well as the iPhone grip, the latter connected with a string to prevent accidental misplacement. At the base’s other end is a concave depression that magnetically connects to the bulge on the bottom of the grip.


Review: Gomite Tiltpod Mobile for iPhone 4/4S

Review: Gomite Tiltpod Mobile for iPhone 4/4S

Tiltpod Mobile’s iPhone grip is about as simple as can be, a large screw head with an iPhone-width indentation running down the middle and the magnet underneath. We found the holder to be just tight enough to hold a bare iPhone without any risk of scratching. The adaptor and base have a very tight bond, firmly holding the iPhone while still allowing it to pivot to a wide range of positions. Although Gomite claims Tiltpod Mobile works in both portrait and landscape orientations, the horizontal position is much more secure. When in vertical orientation, the iPhone can wobble and even topple over.


Review: Gomite Tiltpod Mobile for iPhone 4/4S

Used properly, Tiltpod Mobile is quite useful. It allows the user to properly set up a photo, make FaceTime calls, or watch a video—all without having to hand-hold the iPhone. The pivoting system works impressively, moving smoothly when you want it to but otherwise staying in place. Overall, the form factor is extremely convenient, and the price is a bit high but not unreasonable—the only real drawback is the lack of case support. That non-trivial issue aside, Tiltpod Mobile is a very cool product, and deserving of our strong general recommendation.

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Company: Gomite

Website: www.gomite.com

Model: Tiltpod Mobile

Price: $15

Compatible: iPhone 4/4S

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