Review: Gone Studio Greensleeve for iPad/iPad 2

Gone Studio’s Greensleeve ($30) may not look like much — it’s a simply designed, snap-shut sleeve with room for an iPad, iPad 2 or third-generation iPad, with or without a case — but the materials and construction process are what make it unique. The company is quick to tout the fact that it uses 1/8″ thick sheep’s wool felt imported from Germany, and each sleeve is assembled with hand- and foot-powered tools, using no plastic and no electricity. Available in kiwi green or charcoal grey, the felt feels quite nice and is a good choice, feeling substantial rather than cheap. As long as the tablet is inserted the right way, the headphone port is left exposed so that it can still be used.

Review: Gone Studio Greensleeve for iPad/iPad 2

Review: Gone Studio Greensleeve for iPad/iPad 2

Review: Gone Studio Greensleeve for iPad/iPad 2

Greensleeve feels like the handmade product that it is, and in fact, it could be reproduced by someone with the will, some felt, and a sewing machine. The value lies in the fact that it’s put together in such an eco-friendly way with quality materials, at a price that’s not crazy; this offsets the fact that the sleeve lacks in functionality, doing little more than protecting the tablet when it’s not in use, and not being particularly well-tailored or offering other major advantages over the numerous playthrough cases we’ve reviewed. On balance, Gone Studio’s Greensleeve earns a limited recommendation. Less expensive sleeves are available, but you’ll trade off the look and feel of the materials, and likely leave more of an impact on the environment.

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Company: Gone Studio


Model: Greensleeve

Price: $30

Compatible: iPad/iPad 2

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