Gear Guide: Graphic Collective Graphic Clings


Gear Guide: Graphic Collective Graphic Clings

Graphic Clings are personalized protective skins for all sizes of the fourth-generation iPod. They feature printed graphics—such as wood grain, camo, flames, and graffiti—on vinyl that provides “a thin, long lasting, removable and re-usable protective skin that resists scuffs and scratches.�? Graphic Clings use static-cling to stick to the iPod, and leave “absolutely no adhesive or residue when removed, and can be left on the iPod for as long as you like.�?

* Wrap-around protection to cover the front, back and sides of an iPod
* Includes clear section for screen.

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Company: Graphic Cling
Model: Cling
List Price: $10 (for 2)

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