First Look: Griffin CinemaSeat for iPad

Within a day or two of the iPad’s release, we were dreaming of a way to mount the tablet in a car as a back seat entertainment system, and eventually improvised a solution. Now Griffin has released CinemaSeat ($40), its first stab at the same concept, and the results are mixed: the company has come up with an oversized gray faux leather and fabric frame that attaches to the metal pipes of a headrest with foldable, adjustable Velcro, functioning as a semi-protective case if you want to detach it between in-car uses, or as an open mount due to a large, easy-access insertion hole in its right side. While the case is functional and will look nice in most cars — particularly ones with matching gray interiors — it feels as if Griffin struggled to compromise between the two very different categories of ‘case’ and ‘mount,’ sacrificing the protection and looks of a good case while achieving a less than totally thrilling mounting solution. It’ll be best for people who use their iPads bare at home, or those who don’t mind carrying around a bulky, open-sided frame as an iPad case.

First Look: Griffin CinemaSeat for iPad

First Look: Griffin CinemaSeat for iPad

First Look: Griffin CinemaSeat for iPad

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Company: Griffin Technology


Model: CinemaSeat

Price: $40

Compatible: iPad (2010)

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