Review: Griffin Protector Case for iPhone 5

Protector Case ($20) is the iPhone 5 update to Griffin’s iPhone 4/4S case of the same name. Unlike the company’s substantially revised Survivor, this one saw almost no changes other than an elongated body. In this instance, however, that’s acceptable, since the original Protector was a great case.

Review: Griffin Protector Case for iPhone 5

Review: Griffin Protector Case for iPhone 5

Available in six colors, this thick one-piece silicone case covers the bezel of the device, as well as the back and sides. Buttons are covered, but the bottom edge is exposed for access to the speaker, microphone, Lightning port, and headphone port. Surprisingly the Sleep/Wake button is just as clicky as it is when unencased, but the volume buttons lose some tactility. The only real differences between this version and the first are the shape of the camera openings on either side, and the texture of the recesses in the case; instead of a micro-dot texture, the new version has a honeycomb pattern.


Review: Griffin Protector Case for iPhone 5

Review: Griffin Protector Case for iPhone 5

While not as protective as some of the super heavy-duty designs we’ve seen from Griffin and others, Survivor offers more coverage than almost any other case in the same price range while looking and feeling great. It’s simple, protective, and attractive, all qualities we look for in a case. We highly recommend it, not only for budget-conscious users, but also for those who are considering bulkier heavy-duty cases as well.

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Our Rating

Highly Recommended

Company and Price

Company: Griffin Technology


Model: Protector Case

Price: $20

Compatible: iPhone 5

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