Review: Griffin Reveal for iPhone 5c

It almost wouldn’t feel right to have a new version of the iPhone without an updated edition of Griffin’s Reveal ($20) to go along with it; here it is for the iPhone 5c. Long a staple of the company’s case lineups over the years, this newest model looks pretty much just like we’d expect. X-Doria’s Scene beat it to our offices as the first of the style, but Reveal is $5 less expensive.

Review: Griffin Reveal for iPhone 5c

Review: Griffin Reveal for iPhone 5c

As in the past, Reveal brings together rubber edges—your choice of black or hot pink—with a clear polycarbonate backplate. It seems particularly well suited for the colorful plastic shells found on Apple’s mid-range iPhone. The two materials fit together well, and we have no concern about them coming apart. Through the rubber, the buttons click well, and the silent switch is readily accessible. Griffin went with some of the largest openings we’ve seen to expose the camera and flash, speaker, Lightning port, microphone, and headphone port. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, we do worry a bit about the thinness of the rubber along the case’s front, bottom edge. It’s so thin that it may be prone to tearing after extended use.


Review: Griffin Reveal for iPhone 5c

Review: Griffin Reveal for iPhone 5c

We’ve long considered Reveal to be a smartly designed case, and it’s no different this time around. The iPhone is a beautifully designed product, and being able to show it off without sacrificing protection is something we appreciate. Including an inexpensive cleaning cloth would be a wise move on Griffin’s part, as Reveal readily shows trapped dust and outer particulates. Even without it though, the case earns our strong general recommendation.

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Company: Griffin Technology


Model: Reveal

Price: $20

Compatible: iPhone 5c

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