Review: Griffin Reveal for iPod touch 5G

On the heels of its iPhone 5 case of the same name, Griffin debuted its first fifth-generation iPod touch case: Reveal ($20). This model is an update of a case that’s been available for iPhones and iPods in the past, and it comes with no major aesthetic changes. Thankfully it’s a winning style that translates well to the newest iPod touch.

Review: Griffin Reveal for iPod touch 5G

This version uses the same rubber edge and clear plastic back design we’ve come to expect from Reveal; it should be noted that Griffin is currently only offering the case with a black outline, which is a small a let down when compared to the eight color options Reveal has for the iPhone 5. The rubber runs along the perimeter of the device and comes over the edge of the screen to form a small protective barrier. It stops at the bottom edge, though, and it doing so leaves the headphone port, Lightning port and speaker exposed, along with the corner where the aluminum and glass meet. This isn’t ideal but—for now—is a limitation that’s common in iPod touch cases. Reveal covers the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons without reducing their tactility. 


Review: Griffin Reveal for iPod touch 5G

Review: Griffin Reveal for iPod touch 5G

The most noticeable difference other than the overall shape is the rubber-lined opening for the iPod touch loop button. Like other cases we’ve tested, you’ll have to attach the wrist strap first and then string it through the hole rather than attaching it while the case is on, as the case surrounds the button on all sides. Our biggest complaints with the design remain carry-overs from prior versions: the plastic back scratches quite easily, and because it’s transparent, the dust that inevitably works its way in shows through.


Review: Griffin Reveal for iPod touch 5G

Griffin has been successful with multiple versions of Reveal, and its fifth-generation iPod touch edition continues in the same vein: with nice materials, a clean look, and a slim profile, it’s a smart choice. The $20 price tag is right too, particularly because the previous iPod touch version cost $5 more. Reveal is very much worthy of your consideration, and merits our high recommendation.

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Company: Griffin Technology


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