First Look: Griffin Screen Care Kit for iPhone 4

A little less impressive than the company’s past versions for earlier devices, Griffin’s new Screen Care Kit for iPhone 4 ($20) is a set of three matte-finished screen protectors with an applicator card and a cleaning cloth. Though the concept’s a good one, the actual screen protectors inside the package look different from what’s depicted outside, with an abnormally large hole near the Home Button and a different camera and speaker hole array at the top. We found the film’s bottom edges to be a little troubling during installation, and the camera hole a little off proper central alignment relative to the camera, but not in a way that impacts its usability. A fine-grained prismatic effect is apparent, particularly on white and gray graphics. Griffin plans separate Screen Care Kit versions that will vary in clear, mirrored, and privacy finishes with different price points and numbers of film pieces; it remains to be seen how they’ll actually look.

First Look: Griffin Screen Care Kit for iPhone 4

First Look: Griffin Screen Care Kit for iPhone 4

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Company: Griffin Technology


Model: Screen Care Kit

Price: $20

Compatible: iPhone 4

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