Taking advantage of the seventh-generation iPod nano’s small size and light weight, Griffin’s SportCuff ($20) is the first of its kind for this model: a sweatband that attaches the nano to your wrist. The concept is actually quite simple, especially compared to options such as Griffin’s own Trainer, which goes for the same price, although it has its own issues. It’s a terrycloth wristband, with a plastic shell permanently fused to it. Nine colors and patterns are available.

Review: Griffin SportCuff for iPod nano 7G

Review: Griffin SportCuff for iPod nano 7G

The iPod easily snaps into the holder, although getting it out is more of a challenge. Only the left and right edges are covered—there’s a break for the volume controls—while the top and bottom are left exposed. What’s most obviously missing is any sort of liquid protection, to keep sweat from affecting the nano. The other big issue is the fit. We found it to be tight, somewhat like a blood pressure cuff, even on the smallest part of our wrists. Those with large arms may well find SportCuff even more uncomfortable.


Review: Griffin SportCuff for iPod nano 7G

We can see the appeal of wearing on iPod nano on the wrist while working out—the same idea was tried years ago with earlier iPod models—but this execution isn’t ideal, especially not for the price. At $10, it’d be a different story, but for the same price as a full-fledged armband with proper device protection, we can’t recommend SportCuff. It earns our C+ rating; check it out only if you specifically need a wrist-mounting solution.

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Company: Griffin Technology

Website: www.GriffinTechnology.com

Model: SportCuff

Price: $20

Compatible: iPod nano 7G

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