Gear Guide: Griffin Technology PodPod Car Cradle


Gear Guide: Griffin Technology PodPod Car Cradle Read the Review

Gear Guide: Griffin Technology PodPod Car Cradle

Put your iPod in the lap of luxury. Your cup holder is a great place for your iPod on the road, but it can still slide around, fall out, and even be scratched. And trying to use a charging cable really complicates things.

Enter the PodPod. The PodPod holds your iPod or iPod mini at an easy-to-see angle. The material won’t scratch the iPod’s surface,  and while we haven’t rolled any cars, we know that your iPod isn’t likely to fall out. The PodPod also leaves room on the inside for a docking cable,  and provides a place for the cable to run without disturbing your iPod’s new found peace.

The Griffin PodPod is the best seat in the car for your iPod or iPod mini. Even your wallet will thank you.

  • Inexpensive, scratch-free car cradle

  • Compatible with iPod & iPod mini

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    Company: Griffin Technology
    Model: PodPod Car Cradle
    List Price: $9.99

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