Gumdrop Cases’ Glass Tech Hideaway Case for iPad Air 2 ($80) takes the company’s standard Hideaway Case — which is also available for iPad Air 2 and which we reviewed for the first iPad Air — and adds a tempered glass screen protector for a $10 premium. The two-piece rubber-and-plastic case features a magnetic stand in back for landscape viewing. We also received Glass Tech cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but considering that they’re essentially just Drop Tech cases with an added screen protector, we’ll refer you back to the Drop Tech review for further reference.

Hideaway Case hasn’t really changed since its last incarnation — it’s still a somewhat bulky rubber case with a plastic frame that includes a pop-out stand in back for landscape viewing or typing. The stand uses magnets and is very sturdy. However, instead of an integrated thin screen protector, the plastic frame for Glass Tech is open, leaving room to insert the tempered screen protector. An open hole allows access to Touch ID. Built-in button coverage is responsive.

The screen protector on Glass Tech works fine, though the case can also be used without it — if you prefer having either option, Glass Tech Hideaway Case is worth the extra $10. But most users will probably be satisfied with the protection in the standard Hideaway Case. Gumdrop is offering very good protection for iPad Air 2 at a fair price, and Glass Tech earns our general recommendation.

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Company and Price

Company: Gumdrop Cases

Model: Glass Tech Hideaway Case

MSRP: $80

Compatibility: iPad Air 2